Versuri Oblomov - Coincidenta Oppositorum

Album: Oblomov - Wishing The Renaissance

I can't hide to shadows without the light, I'm trying to explain
you how black clouds could turn to white
My thoughts are progressive, I lead you to the future,
Then I look back and turn myself to negation of mine...

We are the heavens, we bring you the power
From the seas and oceans jets the geyser of pleasure
Fire brings me glory from deserts and fertile valleys
In thunder I feel energy - rising
With the help of the wind I can penetrate much deeper
Falling rain from the sky brings danger into my mind
Nothing is certain in this world just the mountain stands still
Submissivness controls me in the embrace of the Earth

Something puts me into the motion, may be it's just one side
But without the other one I don't feel complete,
Concurrently with emptiness is filled my mind
White eye is watching through the black field,
Male element completes the sign
How could you want to love me, just hatred can let it realize

Here in this space it doesn't matter-if I am God or I am Devil
Negative pole pulls contrary - positive sincere power
High are snow mountains above,when you stand under pointed shields
Just from fields and the deepest valleys you can see their mighty greatness
I am your eternal enemy, I keep you stil alive
I'm disgust - the slave of grace, which serves to your eternal cry
My sight stares to the east - every day,
every morning I wait for the sunrise
My wish is to catch all that joy before all the light will go out

Something has stopped my motion,
perhaps it's an impulse from the other side
Two gates lead to my future, but I'm passing between them
Black eye is watching through the white field,
female element completes the sign
How could you want to hate me, just love can let it realize...

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