Versuri Obscenity - Bleed for Me

Album: Obscenity - Intense

Suicidal thoughts-marital crisis
Sexual predilection-homelessness-
Indebtedness-drug addiction

There's nothing you can't tell me
I'm always there for you
Let me know your tale of woe
Your grief-is our amusement

My greed is hard to please-have no
Pour out your sorrows-satisfaction for
My randiness
Disclose your private life-let us
Dissect your soul
I'm delighted by other peoples fates

Ntimacy is just a word without meaning
A sorrow shared is but half a trouble
I'm your companion in misfortune
Entertain me

Did you ever believed that someone cares
About your problems
You're just a payed victim of my show
You're talking about your worrys in the
General public
In the hope for help

Bleed for me

Small cock-big titts

Fascination-malicious joy
Abnormalities are wished
Your stupidity-my entertainment
Your just a means to an end

Bleed for me

Whatdid you expect?
Help and compassion?
Your personality is indefferent to me
I just want to see you suffer
I'm sensation-seeking-and you make it
Come true

Bleed for me

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