Versuri Obscenity - Cold Blooded Murder

Album: Obscenity - Cold Blooded Murder

Sheet soaked with blood
More dead than alive
The certainty took all our hopes
You've been taken from our midst
Out of the lap of life

Unscrupulously-far-too young

Cold blooded murder-cold blooded murder
Cold blooded murder-the time will come for you to bear the blame

A fatal knife thrust
Killed by a murderers hand

Senseless death-cowardly murdered
Unable to hold any clear thought
Desperation-we're standing at the abyss
We can't believe that you are gone
Shocked by this terrible deed
We're stanting face to face with ruin

The call-the shock-the insane rage
The unbelief-the despair
Hoping and worrying
The terrible certainty
The death-the why ?

Your murderer disappeared in anonymity
We were stunned-shocked-paralyzed
I'll never forget the last moments with you
These pictures are branded in my brain

As i saw the death-i couldn't beleive my eyes
You're gone before i could welcome you again
Torn out of life in the age of 21
Just the memory of you remains

Questions left unspoken
Too many words are left unsaid
He died a senseless death

Cold blooded murder-cold blooderd murder
Cold blooded murder-the time will come for you to bear the blame

Helpfulness-has become your doom
Irrevocable-where are you now?
For eternity-i wish you freedom
Irretrievable-the pain is deep
Did you see him ?
Did you feel the pain ?

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