Versuri Obscenity - Eaten from Inside

Album: Obscenity - Human Barbecue

Eaten from inside
Eaten from inside

Emiciated by cancer
Desecrated by chemotherapy
Bearing the mark of death
No hope for healing
Possessed by the tumor in my body
Slow decay beyond endurence
Disfigured by countless operations
Vegetate in my hospital bed

Slow decease, i pass away-no one
Can save me from my suffering
No hope for me, i see my own decay
My time is up, the end is near,this
Sickness has destroyed my life,
My hopes and dreams

Eaten from inside

I'm so young-why me
I get weaker day by day
Many dreams will left unfulfilled
No one can rescue me

Eaten,eaten,eaten-eaten from inside

I wanted to do so many things
Just enjoy life to the fullest
But my days are counted
My strength is gone
Possessed by the tumor in my body...
Slow decease i pass away..

Eaten from inside...

I will miss the sunlight in the sky
Leached out. Time to go
I'm sick to death, can't you see
The pallor in my face
I wanted to do so many things
But strength is gone

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