Versuri Obscenity - Golden Cage

Album: Obscenity - Intense

Born into the lap of wealth
Always well protected
A villa is my home
One hundred rooms full of splendour
One hundred rooms

We live in a high-class suburban district
In an exclusive resident area
We can afford the luxury of expensive cars

Valuable paintings-adorn our corridors
Twenty servants are always there for us
Gigantic chandeliers decorate the rooms

We're rolling in money
Our house is surrounded by high gray walls
And barbed wire
Alarm systems everywhere
Vicious dogs guard our estate
It's like a fortress-a prison-a home
Without emotions

I'm so lonely I want out
I'm captured behind golden doors
Isolated from the outside world
From real life
I'm never had real playfallows
Rarely social contacts
Kept away from society

Golden cage-i'm lost in the hell of Luxury
Golden cage-i don't need no diamond rings
Golden cage-the wealth is suffocating me
Golden cage-i don't need designer dresses
Golden cage

My home is a prison for me
There're things in life you can't buy for money
Friendship affection love

An isolated life i live loneliness
A permanent state
Real friends i never had-explotation

I never went shopping alone
Always escorted from bodyguards
We always take a different route
Prepared for the worst
The risk of kidnapping is high

I want to lead a normal life
I want to be just a normal child

Is that all that counts?
Take away the silver spoons
I want to eat with my fingers
Don't want to sit straight
I want to blotch my clothes

I want to lead a normal life
I want to be just a normal child

Golden cage golden cage

My parents are very strict
Emotions-a kind of weakness
Piano lessons i have to take
My father-a workaholic
He never had much time for me
He never said he loves me
For my ma it also snows in summer

My home is a prison for me
Golden cage-i don't need no diamond rings

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