Versuri Obscenity - Mental Emptiness

Album: Obscenity - Intense

Indifference, spiritless
Shadows upon my soul
Pressure in my head, uncreativity
A veil lies upon my thoughts
Reality distorted, mentally inhibited
Lack of interest, feeling erased
Turning away from society

Emptiness is killing me
Impossible to live a normal life
A black haze of depressions is covering my soul
I'm afraid that i could go insane
What has happened to me?
Mental emptiness

My mind is frozen, emptiness
Living in a world of mind obstruction
I'm just a stanger to my self-emptiness
Captured in my own body

I lacerate my self to feel that i'm still alive
Perceptive faculty restricted
Desperation, sadness
My permanent companions
Pursuance of gloom

Fear to leave my house
Surrounded by permanent anxiety states
My brain, a no man's land
Apathetic, fearfull, emotions dazed

This void is killing me
Involved in pointless thoughts i lost the joy of life
Completly embarrassed
I become antisocial
Lasting reproaches to my self
Numbness, timidity
Sunk in the mist of my sick spirit
I avoid social contacts
I lost the interest in conversations

Emptiness is killing me...
I lacerate my self...
Fear to leave my house...

Mind obstruction, instinctive acting
My perception becomes blurred
I'm not free, nervous, high blood pressure
My life is getting dark, everything seems strange
Loneliness, enjoyment of life obliterated

I've no explanation, suddendly it appeared
Painfull pricks of conscience
When will this torture end?

Emptiness is killing me

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