Versuri Obscenity - Phenomenon Time

Album: Obscenity - Intense

Invisible, without substance
No weight, no material
Heart of civilisation
Our permanent companion
Ruler about everything
She let's us become wise
She has the might to heal our wounds
She never stands still
Never stands still

No superior no god
But the tells us what to do
She changes our lives with every heart-beat
Until the day of our deaths
She lets us crow old
We can't escape from her influence
Boundless, immortal, everything submit

The magic of a moment deceased
Irrectiveably in the grave of time
A second,a minute,an hour,a day,amonth or a year
Nothing lasts forever
There's no eternity in this world, permanent renewal
The might of transitio, an unstoppable force

After summertime goes by
The wheel of time never stands still
With every breath our life is brought
Nearer to the end
Take time by the forelock
Left no grass grow under your feet
Live your life now, the visit is short

Invisible, without substance

No superior, no god

Phenomenon time-a constant might undestructable
Phenomenon time-raise in value when we get older
Phenomenon time-an invaluable discovery
Phenomenon time

The magic of a moment deceased

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