Versuri Obscenity - Return of the Crows

Album: Obscenity - Intense

A misty veil lies above the fields
Fading light, feelings of doom
The summer is dying, days becoming
Shorter now, flowers are wilt
The trees have lost there leaves
Fading beauties

Chiling wind blows through the
Deserted streets, now and then veiled
People darting through the night
Snow is lashing on my window
It smells like winter, this season i hate

The crows are back-they've returned
Every year the same old story
The crows are back.
Depressions awake
The crows are back

Chiling wind blows through

Black winterday, the sun doesn't reach
The ground, the sun lost it's strength
The ground is frozen, a crow is sitting
In the tree right next to my house
It's croacking aching in my ears
It sounds that it laughs at me

A misty veil lies above the fields

The return of the crows, the winter
Has come, oppressing void

Time of depression, time of distress
Sleepless nights, fear of the dark
Return of the crows

Racking dejection is torturing me
Season of silent sufferings
Far away from better days
Happiness weighed down by worries

Sadness, the world lies low
Return of the crows
They'll bring back the sorrows
Thoughts of suicide
Suffocates the love of life

The crows are back, they've returned...
Chilling wind blows through...
Black winterday...
The return of the crows

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