Versuri Obscenity - Ripping Your Torso

Album: Obscenity - Intense

I was just a shadow of the man i used to be
A tool of something frightening that's inside of me
It's taken command over me
A silent whispering voice told me what to do
Cremation of my spirit-brainwashed
Like in a suction i was taken with
Defenselessive to follow the orders
Of my possessed mind
Weak-will is forced to do abnormal

Full moon as i awoke
Cold sweat on my skin
I felt my heart was not beating
I knew i was dead

Fiction or truth nightmare or fact

Get up to see what's happened and took a look in the mirror
I saw my bloodless body and felt a stong urge to kill

Something transformed me
It forced me kill

I lost control of my body
My thoughts where eliminated
Conducted from an invisible might
Weak willed-subjected
I couldn't defend my self
It's taken possession of me
Suffocated my being, paralysed my will
Unexplainable feelings streamed through my body
Shamelessly striving for power it bursted out of me

I was just a shadow of the man i used to be

Unnoticed i left the house
To execute my orders
Thick mist fills the night-the moon
The only witness of my carnage

There's no tomorrow, no one can hear you scream
Welcome in the realm of evil where the
Ritual takes it's course
I'm on the hunt your life will never exist again
You're the one, i'm the slaughterer

Ripping-your torso
Ripping-you're dead

No one will find you
I've covered my tracks
The taste of your bleeding innards
I'll never forget

Ripping-your torso

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