Versuri Obscenity - Sleepwalker

Album: Obscenity - Cold Blooded Murder

A town in riot and fear
Horrid things happened lately
The cemetery
In front of the town
The place of horror
And sinister doings
No week without these deeds
Something or someone violates the graves

Violated graves
The caskets opened
Corpses with no lips
Bitten out or cut out

Another night-another tomb
Another desecration
The bodies show injuries all over their faces
No more lips after these atrocities
A skinless hole in the skull
The mouths are always missing

Cut out-divided out
Disfigured corpses
Infestation of a perverse lunatic

Piece by piece-scoop byn scoop
I did for new treasures
My collection is waiting for your lips too

Who's the one who violates and desecrates the tombs?
Who's the one who makes the people scared
And spreads horror and fear?
Who's the brute of the graveyard and keeps the city on the jump?
Who's the one?-when does it stop?-sleewalker

Sweetheart keeps silent
The way is onerous and dirty
But i know you're waiting for me
I feel dragged out for you
Sweetheart keeps silent
I can't resist you

Sludge under my shoes?
Dirt under my nails
How can this be?
Where have i been?

Another night-another tomb?...

Who's the one who violates and desecrates the tombs?...

A used scoop in my car
A strange smell at the cloth
How can this be?
Where have i been?

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