Versuri Obscenity - The Arrival

Album: Obscenity - Cold Blooded Murder

September 3010
A sunny day in autumn
It semed to be a normal day
But the unexpected became true
The unbelievable has happened
Science fiction became reality
The world should never forget this day again

The sun disappeared
Day turned to night
A loud rumble in the sky
Wind arose
At the horizon-flying objects-approaching the earth

Questions about other life-forms have fulfilled on this day
There are other creatures beside us

We're not alone-we can be sure-it is real
They come from the depths of the universe

The arrival-the wildlest fantasies came true
The arrival-the unexpected happened-we are not alone

Defenseless-against their weapons
Mankind subjected to slavery
Security of new resources
World domination was their aim

Governments were overthrown-new laws were enacted
Nothing will be like before-nothing at all

Dead-human bodies
Incubator for their offsprings
An implantated-fetus-in-each of them

The innards used as their food-after complete maturity
A thin cover of skin remains-bodies eaten up from inside

Machinery of perverse horror-manufacturing of pain
Gigantic halls with human cocoons-where the new life is
Growing in

The arrival-the wildest fantasies came true
The arrival-the unexpected happened-we are not alone

The conquest campain
Extended over the world
Thousands of human slaves were forced to dig their graves
Disregard of orders-death as consequence
Resistance is useless

Thousands of years ahead
They are far superior
Mankind-just a primitive form of life

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