Christian Munzner se reintoarce in Obscura

de Cristi Nedelcu

Christian Munzner se reintoarce in Obscura

Dupa o pauza de sase ani, chitaristul Christian Munzner s-a reintors alaturi de trupa cu care a lansat albumele "Cosmogenesis" (2009) si "Omnivium" (2011).

"I'm very excited to be back in the band. After my departure in 2014, I stayed very active on the scene in various formats, but I needed some time off from the busy touring schedule to take the time and learn to manage my hand issues, regroup my thoughts about my musical future and focus on some other matters that were going on in my life at that time. I'm happy to say I'm back with a vengeance and I feel I have taken my playing to a new level in recent years, and I can't wait to share with all the Obscura fans what we are working on at the moment.", a declarat Munzner.

Christian Munzner a mai colaborat cu trupe precum Epitaph, Necrophagist, Defeated Sanity si este co-fondatorul trupei Alkaloid.

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