Versuri Oceano - Orificial Execution

Album: Oceano - Depths

I never had the urge to fornicate and exploit a woman, only to defile her corpse in my own sick punishment, until there was you...

You reek of disease. Your veins pulse of the most pungent indecency.
Judging from your habits you re surrounded in s**t.
No Sympathy, no more excuses, just accept and admit, you re porcine filth, a repulsive pig.

Merely given life to be abused and executed.
Your execution: you shall be gutted.
Mutilated at my hands.

Replace pleasure for pain, embrace this blade between your legs.
Savoring each grotesque moment, I watch you bleed from every orifice to appease my vengeance.

I'm ripping you open from mouth to rear.
I'm ripping you open, disgorging vital organs as I create another hole in you to fill.

No longer screaming, no more movement.
Orificialy executed.

No one will shed a tear.
No one will shed a tear at your death.

You re remembered as just another worthless whore.
f****d, killed, and easily disposed.

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