Interviu in exclusivitate cu Alexander Hogbom, October Tide/Centinex

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Interviu in exclusivitate cu Alexander Hogbom, October Tide/Centinex

Alexander Hogbom este unul dintre acei veterani ai underground-ului european care poarta cu mandrie blazonul metalului extrem in toate proiectele in care este implicat, cele mai cunoscute fiind October Tide, Centinex si Volturyon. Cu ocazia lansarii albumului Winged Waltz alaturi de October Tide, l-am prins pe Alexander intr-un colt de online si am incercat sa-l descoasem de cateva detalii interesante.

Hello, Alexander! First of all I would like to thank you for accepting this mini-interview for Metalhead webzine. Now, it is only natural to start with this question: from where do you get your energy to be the vocalist of not one, not two, not three, but four metal bands?

- Well, actually it is five bands. And I don't know which one you have missed haha! In all of my life I have been fascinated by extreme music and especially death metal. I focus alot on music and dont spend so much time doing anything else actually. No video games or other bullshit, you know.

Do you have a special growling technique that keeps you good to go on so many concerts? Is there any advice you can give to other vocalists who are going to embark themselves in a big number of stage performances on a short period of time? I mean something like the do's and dont's of a growler?

- I just scream as hard as I can until it feels like something is going to pop in my brain, but it took a few years to become good at it. If you just stay away from cigarettes and alcohol and make sure to drink a lot of water. Then it will be no problem at all. The biggest problem for your voice on tour, I believe is the alcohol and that you get dehydrated.

What are the main musical influences that help you keep doing what you do? Which project (band) takes the best out of you?

- I dont know if there is a certain band, but music that got alot of emotions in it, is what inspired me the most. Darkness, hate and depressive tunes mostly.

We know October Tide will release a new album on April 22nd and it's the band's 5th studio album. Can you tell me how this one is going to be different from the previous ones? What should we expect from it?

- I stated a while ago that this is the best material October Tide has ever created, in my opinion. And it seems like alot of people agree with me.

Is there any kind of symbolism behind Winged Waltz?

- The picture on the front page picture a Cicada. It is an insect that lives as a imago underground for like 15 years. When it finally becomes a Cicada and leaves the underground it flyes around a little and dies after just a day. It is up to you to sort out the symbolism.

Centinex is also cooking something interesting, we've all seen the Doomsday Rituals 'sick' cover artwork. Can we pick on your brain about the release date?

- I actually don't know for sure when the release date is going to be. But the recording is going to be finished just in a couple of weeks.

Last summer you got to see a little bit of Romania because you sang with Centinex at Metalhead Meeting Festival. Can you name one thing that you liked about Romania or Bucharest?

- I have been in Romania like four times now and I really enjoy the country. Bucharest is very beautiful with very friendly people. I mostly meet the metal heads of your country while I have been there and they are awesome!

Can you list a few metal bands that you have discovered lately and all metalheads should know about them?

- Yes! Interment, Disrupted, Crawl, Omnizide and Demonical are the elite of Sweden right now so you should check them out.

Thank you again, Alexander, for letting us pick on your brain! It must be a fun ride doing what you do and we appreciate you're sharing a little bit of it with our readers.

- Well thank you! The pleasure is all mine :)

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