Lysergic Bliss Chords - Of Montreal

Artist:of Montreal
Song:Lysergic Bliss
Album:Satanic Panic in the Attic
tabbed by:Anna Sattler (lucky69)


E - D - E - D - A - G

Wearing an olive drab but feeling
Somehow inside opalescent
Wonder how I'm managing to smile 
                            Bm   E  Bm  E
Oh when I can't even pay my rent

Maybe it's because I've finally found
My little tulip my Norge dear
Funny how in spite of all my woes
                         Bm    E
Life can appear rosy and clear
Bm       E
Rosy and clear

    C#m                F#m
And I'm dizzy from her kiss
          Bm           F7       E
so vertiginous lost in lysergic bliss


VERSE 2 (same chords as Verse 1)
Love the way you wear your curly hair
Sanguine and spiraling tied in a bun
Love the way it falls about your face
Mercurially gilded by the sun

If we were a pair of jigsaw puzzle pieces
we would connect so perfectly
Creating a still photo of a scene
From the Phantom of Liberty

(play chorus again)
vocal harmonies over F# - F#m - A - E

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