Tim I Wish You Were Born A Girl Chords - Of Montreal

Of Montreal - Tim I wish you were born a girl

Tabbed by: Joel
Email: joeyw14@hotmail.com

I think this song is soo funny.  I have never tabbed a song before so i hope this
is right, but i think I did pretty well. 


F                          Am
Tim, wish you were born a girl,
Wish you were born a girl, 
So I could've been your boyfriend.
  F             Am 
I know it's not possible now. 
       A#                              G
I just never met a girl I like half as much as you. 
And we could lay around in bed, stay there all day, 
Or at least until the afternoon 
And I could make you spaghetti with tomato sauce 
With just a touch of oregano and a parsley stem. 
And then when you got sick, 
I could take the day off work. 
I could've made you chicken soup, 
And we could watch soap operas 
- oh, those TV dramas! 
I could catch your cold 
and you could take care of me. 
       Am                          F                   A#
mmmmmm, If I could've met you at school, or met you at work, 
It would have changed everything. 
      Am                     F                A#
Those years of losing, confusion and insecurity, 
They would have been shared, 
they would have been easier. 
Tim, wish you were born a girl, 
So I could've been your fianc. 
I'm not saying you can't be all these things for me, 
But it's just not the same because you're a man, 
and so am I.

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