Versuri OLD MAN'S CHILD - In Torment's Orbit

Album: OLD MAN'S CHILD - Vermin

A world gone blind
Delusions never end
A world gone wild
Where hate is all untamed

Flesh will shatter
As evil debarks
The shades of hope
Will slowly dissolve to dust

Defied by life itself
Remnants of an earlier past
Lost in time repelled by thier god
This time will be your last

Souls in arise to awake
And be dead in holocaust
Souls torn apart swallowed
By hate in holocaust

Enslaved by pain
Repent your sin or die
Eternal death
Come before your god
And spill your blood
Eternal death

Your sum sill fade away
To the dark beyond this world
Your grace will fall apart
And be crushed
By the hands of your kind

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