Versuri OLD MAN'S CHILD - The Flames Of Deceit

Album: OLD MAN'S CHILD - Vermin

Fallen through ages
Siduced by time
Fallen through glory
And born as divine

On whom they praise
The saviour of might
On whom they put faith
Evil, collide with hate

On with the battle conquer thier soil
Rape the messiah, beseige and control
Raised in belief of fictions so pale
Go to your god and see how you fail

Fade away into the dark
My child we welcome thee
Fade away into the dark
My world... your fantasy

On through the dusk
In dimensions they weep
On through the light
The flames of deceit

With reign of terror the seasons begin
Master your harvest demons of sin
Black winged through the night we roam
Enter the world from the world beyond

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