Versuri OLYMPOS MONS - Fire And Ice

Album: OLYMPOS MONS - Medievil

Something is stalking me
Across the wastelands of nightmares
And I dont know what it is

Hot desert sand
The vision of a lady
Oh shes so hard to please

Oh Lord I hope that I
Live long enough
To see the sun come out again

Two people cursed to only
Look, never touch
True love is almost the same as pain

Shes coming,

From fire and ice

I travel back
Endless streets of dreams
Leading back to our first kiss

So many years
So many tears
Still youre the one thing that I miss

White angel wings
Glowing in the sunrise
My feet have been lifted off the ground

With open eyes
I enter the illusion
Speaking words without a sound

Shes coming,

From fire and ice

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