Versuri Ondskapt - Revelations Of Another Time

Album: Ondskapt - Ddens Evangelium

Over the deep darkened red-like horizon lies the crimson light above my head
When I walk towards the temple of sacrifice

Revelations of another time
I have been given a gift
I can see the true prophecy come to life

Old plague of the underworlds captures my very soul
I'm the twilight cleansing
I can see through time into an age of sickness and torment

Lord of All Unclean Spirits:
God of the eternal fire, foul king of terror
Master of all Evil and Hell

Infinite Lord of all unclean spirits
Ancient enemy of life

Evil without gain
Boundless malediction

Lurid lights leading ever downwards
Blinding torch of misguidance
A restless abomination,
Slithers from below