Versuri Onslaught - Contract In Blood

Album: Onslaught - The Force

Hear the call I beckon harlot come to me
Lay your trust in satan fall unto your knees
Ride with me through fire the eternal pits of hell
Grant to me your body I will take your soul


Tormented soul eternity Satanic slave you will bear my son
The evil force from the frosty skies I possess your mind
Bound by chain the immortal slave Mystic chants round the holy grave
Lust for blood a sacrifice deadly sin contract in blood
Contract in blood!!

Renounce me all religion smite the wrath of god
Pledge to me a sacrifice sign the pact with blood
Mount the steed of satan you can ride the air
Accomplish your desire scorn the cross they bear


Ride down to the depths of hell come to be my slave
Desecrate your virgin soul I take you upon a grave
I feel the lust rip through your soul as I implant you with my seed
I leave my mark upon your flesh and thrash you till you bleed

Sacrifice to me your heart and soul
You are ever damned to rot in hell

Possessed by the evil child the harlot died in pain
Feed the corpse to the hounds of hell deliver me her soul
Bursting from the tomb of life the banshees born in flame
Rise my son you live through me you are born to ride again

Hail and thunder raging from the skies
Satans child bloodlust in his eyes