Versuri ONWARD - My Darkest Room

Album: ONWARD - Reawaken

Here within my walls so safe and warm my darkness
Light is not a factor
Stay what will I may think today wrong and clever.
Selfish sings the inner clever seed

Walk away don't try to know me
I've claimed my maud' from unperfect days
I'll take what's mine from my divine methods still proven
These thoughts I have you questions were not meant for you eyes to see

Why should I know you what can you do that helps me
Reap and eat my lustful harvest
leave there's nothing here and I don't care about your spoken concerns of
my nature

Dare to try to really know me
I'll leave you lost just to find my way
So satisfied of your demise no more a burden
These thoughts I feel existing were always for my eyes to see

No handed doom, there is no gloom, no hint of violent hatred
Feel what I can feel
And then you'll find the hallway to my darkest room

The love I make for me is chosen (you've come too soon)
From the pain of past and broken (nothing for you to see)
Why so long have I been waiting
Just to let fate be dictating (you cannot steal my fear)

Seasons of unrest approaching (it's all now becoming clear)
Careful in my dark selecting (just how many years)
Feelings teem of constant irate (through many tears)
God help those who stand in my way (I've learned it was always there)
I want to gain everything unchastened (so scared at first)
Chip away at my frustrations (but when revealed, I then was healed)
Seven sins of deadly beckon
No force of divine will stop me (to know I rule my world)
Evil is a state of free mind (I will have it my own way)
Treasures that all seek I will find (don't look away)
Look away
Or you will see man's darkest room

Do away, now that you know me
The nature of evil I understand (perfectly clear)
Forever mine is my own mind you cannot shatter
Such thoughts the world still questions are not meant for their eyes to