Versuri ORIGIN - Cloning The Stillborn

Album: ORIGIN - Echoes Of Decimation

You're born dead
Into oblivion to be brought back
To our world - you have no soul
Lifeless your life is, no one can tell you why
Why this life, why was I brought to this place
Why must I deal with this fate
Why must I feel this disgrace
Why does my soul have no face
Where's my life
I have no more will to live
There is nothing I can give
Living in your borrowed time
That you gave me
I now hate you all - your creation
I don't have a meaning
Don't know what you're seeing
I did not ask for this
I'm a life gone amiss
I was generated
Now incarcerated
Through your mindless morals
I am devastated
I was cloned from darkness
From my stillborn carcass
Turning misanthropic
Black is my subconscious
Playing god with our lives
Torturing us through your mind
Nullify the meaning of life
With no soul how can we expect
To live with humankind
Ethically your f*****g our lives
Obviously, you just can't see, what you're doing
You are all dead to me
I could kill myself, but I think you could set me free
Dying for what you make
You have cloned the stillborn, you should not have f****d with

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