Versuri ORIGIN - Mental Torment

Album: ORIGIN - Origin

Consume my thought, rupture my being
Devour my soul, mentally bleeding, what has this done to me?
Live with this trauma, torment
Actions, words, forever immortalized, mistakes, regrets
Misery ripping to pain, agony pain burning conflict inside
Unanswered questions burn in me, burning red hot mental torment

Screams shrouded in mind, body and soul
Wounds opened from tense anger and scorn
Consequence, blood letting, blood settles in pools
Hatred, screams ripping apart, memories seep from my wound
Scratching free, blood from me
Mind f*****g insanely echoing, sanity lies in it's dormancy
Inside my head, rage, fear, confusing me
Sell myself short of myself, guilt, stress, stabbing my shield
Piercing these holes right through

Me, fate, carved into stone I am doomed
Plagued, receding into my hell, death, breathing but I'm not alive
Slave to my own mind I am
Lost inner feeling, f****d inner feeling, hate
Mind harbors anger, I harbor anger, soul harbors anger
Bleed Bitter Hatred Cold Bitter Hatred Sick Bitter Hatred Agony
Self mental torment, my mental torment, I am mental torment

Sanctum retreat into painfully agonized torture
Self bred horror terrible
From my wound, scratching free, blood from me
Mind f*****g insanely echoing
Sanity lies in it's dormancy awaiting me