Versuri ORIGIN - Portal

Album: ORIGIN - Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas

[lyrics: Lee, music: Ryan]

Forever I've suffered in this world, con't prosper, no
Monument of ruin, dead empires, statues decay
Endlessly searching for an end to my pain, gone
Seething, tumultuous suffering, decadence, mine

Fiercely seeking death, existence, my plague
All hope, a disease lost in a lost time

Fallen from your secure world to famine and death of
your values gone
Nothing is held sacred
The meek beholding the ruins, scavenge for life,
seeking answers, dying
Monoliths of decay
Downfall of our race imminent, deadly stampede for a refuge lost!
Forgive us for our wrongdoings, bring salvation to our burdens,
take us
Longing for the ending, now our souls are burning

We've been forsaken, our lives are not worth a thing
We can't survive this, the boiling cores of our strife
Something's arising, brilliant ray of light along the dead horizon
A protal leading, unfound path leading my way to voids of serenity
Or so it seems, nothingness, emptiness, nothingness

An entrance to a world that man has never met
Garnished in utter peace, endless shapes of beauty
Infinite suffering ending as I proceed
Fleeing through the portal into the tranquil scenes
Behind me lies the world, dismal and unrestrained
Encloaked despondency left behind forever
My senses disappear, all the pain and fear
Searing benevolence, perpetual, my hopes

Somehow I realize this can't last forever
The life I have left behind pours back into my soul

Hatred raining in through walls far too thin
Bewildered by rage, newly found hope, gone
Now trapped in this hell, my portal is gone
I take my own life, never born again

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