Versuri ORIGIN - Reciprocal

Album: ORIGIN - Echoes Of Decimation

Agony inside me
Enemies surround me
Misery confide in me
Your soul soaked in sickness
Being plagued with weakness
Fill your world with meekness
Drowning deep in sadness
You can't take the madness
Cover you with blindness
My eyes fill with anger
Your world fills with danger
My ears hear your laughter
All my senses going dead and
All my vision... all my vision turning red
Upon your world I'm descending
In this hell where... in this hell that I can't rest
Begging for a shorter death
That you will not receive
Thunderous hell in my soul
That you can now believe
Dissolving within, I retain no more
I retain no more control
Boiling in myself, a beast priming to explode!
Lashing out upon, everything in sight
Everything you touched has turned to s**t
Burning of your world, crushed under my might
Through the charred remains, no one will sift.
I've forsaken destiny, for malignancy
I have crushed the sacred and the wicked
Equal in my eye of eyes, your demise
Pulverizing all the blinded sheep
I've forsaken destiny for malignancy
Crushed to be reciprocal, purely cyclical
Laughing at your fearful cries, hate revised
Pulverizing all that I will keep
Crush all that I will keep
Crush al that I will leave
Crushing all I will keep
I refrain, from rebuilding this world
To escape, from your dying past
You remain, killing your delicate soul
To escape, from your future so vast
Now empty, you are lost, waiting to die
To escape, from your dying past
I abstain, leaving you dwelling so cold
To escape, from your future so vast
Die in the future so vast!

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