Versuri ORPHANAGE - Addiction

Album: ORPHANAGE - Driven

[Music & lyrics: R. van der Spek]

What has happened in this room I'm in?
Something so unreal.
I cannot remember things I've done,
Why am I right here?
Staring at this mess I'm into,
Trying to believe.
There are ways enough to cure this,
I know this for sure.
Don't listen to those lies,
There is no other choice.
The call for more and more,
The grown addiction.
I won't choose it
I won't choose
Waiting in this state of emptiness,
All what's left is greed.
Thinking about leaving all this mess,
Why am I still here?
No one tells you what's true or false,
Manipulation of whole tribes.
No one needs to decide your goals,
The recognition of yourself.
Take my hand

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