Versuri ORPHANAGE - In Slavery

Album: ORPHANAGE - Driven

[Music: R. van der Spek, lyrics: G. Oosthoek]

All aboard, we set sail to open sea,
Take your place, shut your mouth listen to me.
I will claim, reign for all for you and me,
This world my throne, enslaving all, enslaving the weak.
Reached out, once before,
All hope faded away.
Screamed for help again,
Careless what you say.
Time has come, breed new worlds to find new space,
Quest for life, through water, land, you understand.
On your knees, my command is your belief,
Obey and row! Discover all for my kingdom.
Eyes closed watch the sun,
Come and take my hand.
Freedom, free at last,
Now the time is when.
You'll see
Beyond space and time - Obey!
Discoveries all mine - Obey!
Enslaving all for me - Obey!
Slaves of misery - Obey!
Free in our mind
Forever mine, your own decline.

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