Versuri ORPHANAGE - Prophecies Of Fame

Album: ORPHANAGE - Driven

[Music & lyrics: G. Eikens]

Fame, is what drives a man,
To the center of the earth.
Master and servants, kings and knights,
They will fight for what they're worth.
Any man, with a golden tongue,
Who's miracles are for sale.
Pleasure for pain, salvation for loss,
On your coffin he's the nail.
Why waste,
Any precious time, to wait would be a shame.
This taste,
Is of victory, with all but you to blame.
Why waste,
Because in the end, you're grateful for your name.
See this man, hear his words, they're the Prophecies of Fame
Try to withstand the Prophecies of Fame.
Fame, see how we're convinced,
He describes the goal you'll reach.
Questions and answers, weakness and strength,
Devotion is what they preach.
Raise your hand,
Share your country's pride.
As one we stand,
Devotion nation-wide.
By the time you've lived your life,
Memories are all you need.
Where're my children, where's my wife?
Torn by pride and greed.
All alone,
In my grief at home,
In my endless roam, why?
Enter the gates of deception my friend,
Here lies no path, no beginning, no end.
Try to withstand the Prophecies of Fame.