Versuri ORPHANAGE - The Crumbling

Album: ORPHANAGE - At The Mountains Of Madness

what are you, where do you come from
your appearance hits me like a bomb
the words I say seem to stammer my mind
all you do makes my spirit wind

from your head to your feet it's all fine
and your eyes shiver down my spine
make my day, make my life worthwhile
you must teach me again how to smile

how to cry how to feel what's inside
and to know that I'm dignified
I want love but I do want pain
come to me 'cause I am insane

I take the step now
we know what to do
you understand my call
it's the crumbling of my denial

no one sees how we play this game
slowly we fan eachothers flame
we want love and we sooth our pain
we feel fine 'cause we are insane

screaming out, see my rage
feel my flesh, thickened by my age
hear the tone of my call
it's the crumbling of my denial

you will be mine !

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