Versuri Our Lady Peace - Sell My Soul

How do you feel
How do you hate
How do you wake up with
That smile that's on your face
Out on the moon
If I was an astronaut
Could I get back to you
Im out of my head
Im out of excuses so Im staring at
The bed, and it's you, its you
I hold on I hold on
I can't let go
And you don't know how I feel
Hold on I hold on
Id sell my soul
And you don't know how I feel
Im losing my heart
Im losing my pride
Id burn our initials
In the sun if it would shine
I need a fresh start
Cause I was in heaven until
This world fell apart

Im out on the run
Im out in this empty space
Since all of this begun
Well I tried, I tried

Nothing seems to help
Nothing seems to work
Nothing is as beautiful
Im old enough to take
all the blame
For all the mistakes
All the games and
All the faces
Im bleeding by myself
But Im okay

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