Hey Ya Tab - Outcast


the song covered from sam Lloyd in scrubs comes originally from outpost,
there is no cappo used as you even see on the video above, and also standard tuning.

the chords are:
E 00122x
A 022200
Bm (bar chord) 244422
C# (bar chord) 456644

  E           A
My baby don't mess around
  Bm          C#
Because she loves me so

And this I know fo shooo..

//(repeat this through whole song)
//now come to the technique

before you play each chord play the basic tone, then you play the entire chord and after 
that just the 3 upper strings like in the example of this E chord  :
E |--0-0-0-0-|
B |--0-0-0-0-|
G |--1-1-1-1-|
D |--2-x-x-x-|
A |--2-x-x-x-|
E |0-x-x-x-x-|
basically hold the E string with the thumb down so it sounds like a death note.

then when you play Bm you have to play this


then jsut repeat this all over the song

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