Versuri OVERLORDE - Trapped By Magic

Album: OVERLORDE - Return Of The Snow Giant

My eyes have seen a faded presence
Entranced, my soul, it has been
A cloudy haze still hangs around me
But he has gone forever, not a dream
Now to you I'll tell my story
And weave a tale

I ventured on a moonlit evening
And came across him by a river
He bid me stay and greet the day
A lame old man in ragged clothing
Proceeded on to cast a spell

Trapped by Magic! [x4]

The world spread out so strange before me
Felt the blood within me boil
Realms of gold would stand before me
And with his words then turn to dust
A lonely woman softly crying
But I couldn't stop the tears

There came a shout from the sky
And what appeared before my eyes
A thousand Angels sweetly singing
The woman showed a little smile
What was this that I was seeing
Then back I came, the old man gone

Trapped by Magic! [x4]

Trapped by Magic! [x4]

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