Fuzzy Blue Lights Chords - Owl City

Capo on 1st fret. Standard tuning.

Tabbed by Thomas. Drummertomcollins@gmail.com with any questions.

Intro: F, Bb, F, Bb, F, Bb, F, Bb
F                 C
If I could look across the country
Dm                   Bb
From California to New Jersey
F                       C
Then I would count the parks and lake resorts
Dm                   Bb
And number all the jets and airports
C                  Dm                Bb    F     C
All those rather dreary rain clouds still bother me
                           Dm             Bb         F
Cause I look through the camera eyepiece and cannot see

F               C
If I could open up my window
Dm                  Bb
And see from Tampa Bay to Juneau
F                   C               Dm
Then I would survey all those open miles
And line them up in single file
C             Dm              Bb  F    C
Everywhere I look I see green scenic sublime
                 Dm          Bb       F
And all those oceanic vistas are so divine

F, Bb, F, Bb, F, Bb, F, Bb

Bb                F     C    Bb
If I was standing on the balcony
                      Dm   C
And you were walking down below
Bb                F       C          Bb
I'd feel rather depressed and out of place
                    Dm       C
And lonely just to watch you go
Bb                              F     C    Bb
If you were swinging from the highway overpass
                   Dm    C
Within the western hemisphere
Bb                 F        C    Bb
I'd feel rather afraid and insincere
                Dm    C
If you began to disappear

(Solo: Repeat Chords From First Verse)

(Repeat chords from "If I was standing on the balcony...")
If I was walking through a sad art gallery
And you were driving through the night
I'd feel rather alone and I'll at ease
Beneath the brilliant showroom light
If I was flying on a plane above your town
And you were gazing at the sky
Somehow I'd feel intact and reassured
If you began to wave goodbye

(Play the Chords until the end of the song.)