The Salt Water Room Chords - Owl City

Note: This is my first chord sheet, i hope its accurate enough

The chords for the song are F, C, Am7, and G but for all chords i add my pinky on 
the 3rd fret of the E string, it sounds better that way and i think its right. Its 
kinda tough, its better with two guitars, or one guitar and two singers, cuz 
singing is brutal haha, hope its okay. if you listen to the bass in the 
background, the chords are right, timing is key!

Intro: F,C,F,Am7,F

F                      C
I opened my eyes last night and saw you in the low light
F                                   Am7                  G   
Walking down by the bay, on the shore, staring up at the planes that arent 
there anymore
F                             C                                 
I was feeling the night grow old and you were looking so cold
F                  Am7
Like an introvert, I drew my over shirt
C                     G                             F
Around my arms and began to shiver violently before
You happened to look and see the tunnels all around me
F                                Am7   
Running into the dark underground
All the subways around create a great sound
F                           C
To my motion fatigue: farewell

With your ear to a seashell
You can hear the waves in underwater caves
Am7                  G                        C
As if you actually were inside a saltwater room

G      Am7          F                 C
Time together isn't ever quite enough
G             Am7       C                           F   
When you and I are alone, Ive never felt so at home
G              Am7            F                   C
What will it take to make or break this hint of love?
G          Am7  C      F
We need time, only time

When we're apart, whatever are you thinking of?
If this is what I call home, why does it feel so alone?
So tell me darling, do you wish we'd fall in love?
All the time, all the time

Can you believe that the crew has gone and wouldnt let me sign on
All my islands have sunk in the deep, so I can hardly relax or even oversleep
I feel as if I were home some nights, when we count all the ship lights
I guess I'll never know why sparrows love the snow
Well turn out all of the lights and set this ballroom aglow