Versuri Ozzy Osbourne - I Dont Know

Album: Ozzy Osbourne - Randy Rhoads Tribute

I Don't Know
Osbourne, Rhoads, Daisley
Originally on: Blizzard of Ozz

People look to me and say
Is the end near, when is the final day
What's the future of mankind
How do I know, I got left behind

Everyone goes through changes
Looking to find the truth
Don't look at me for answers
Don't ask me - I don't know

How am I supposed to know
Hidden meanings that will never show
Fools and prophets from the past
Life's a stage and we're all in the cast

Ya gotta believe in someone asking me who is right,
Asking me who to follow, don't ask me, I don't know,
I don't know - I don't know - I don't know

Nobody ever told me I found out for myself
Ya gotta believe in foolish miracles
It's not how you play the game
It's if you win or lose you can choose
Don't confuse win or lose, it's up to you
It's up to you - it's up to you - it's up to you



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