Versuri PAIN CONFESSOR - Coming Down A Storm

Album: PAIN CONFESSOR - Purgatory Of The Second Sun

World turned to ashes
Earth will never be the same
Total destruction
Death and sickness will dominate all

Theres no heaven, so this must be hell
Flames burning all beyond
Animals lying dead in the meadows
Call of Hades in their eyes
Call of Hades in their eyes

Flames burning all beyond

Now all is gone, death has come for us all

To wield the power of the gods
One must heed their heart
Knowledge is not wisdom
We created our own demise

Human waste in their concrete coffins
We brought this onto ourselves
Life decreased into nothingness
Smothered beauty of all we loved
Fading into the blackened storms
Victims of ignorance kneel
Bowing their heads to hide scorn
Within the beds of ashes they sleep

When all we loved is gone
When all we had is gone

All along life we feel need to run wild
Explore every aspect of joy
Along the road we break our promises
Never feel the gall of remorse

Now all is gone, death has come for us all
A star is born, rise of another sun
It burns with Promethean flame