Versuri Pain of Salvation - Of Dust

Album: Pain of Salvation - Road Salt - Ivory

Come break my bones
Come spread my ashes
Come wear me down
Come wear me down

In life a king
In death a failure
Come help me cry
Come help me cry

I wanted to be changed by the road
I so wanted to change the road
But somehow, we both resisted change
Somehow we were both too strong
And yet, we have both winded away
Unsure of where we head
And it's like we're both confused, as to who is who
As if, late in the night, we can't tell the wanderer from the road
The walker from the walked
Maybe I'm just the road, dreaming that I walk

Dust in my throat
Dust in my nostrils
Dust in my mouth
Dust in my eyes

From dust I come
Through dust I wander
Dust I'll remain
Dust all I am

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