Versuri Pantera - Yesterday Don't Mean s**t

Album: Pantera - Reinventing The Steel

There's nothing special about it
It's either there when you're born or not
Gifted with talent are no big deal
Welcome to the death of a century...

Cause yesterday don't mean s**t
What's over is over and nothing between
Yesterday don't mean s**t
Because tomorrow's the day you have to face
There's no rewinding time
Yesterday don't mean s**t
Yesterday don't mean s**t

Reliving old reviews is a useless tool of confusion
Don't hold your breath for the turn-around
Come into the world of endless odds...

They'll tell you about guilt
And in time you'll face the darkness...
But darkness is a friend to you
Embrace and fly through the madness
Flying past God and wars and conflict
Oppressor in you [x2]
Plowing through minds and paranoia
Oppressor in you
The oppressor's in you

Yesterday don't mean jack s**t...

To protect you and I'll keep to myself
It can only be that way - yeah!

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