Papa Roach pregatesc un nou album

de Cristi Nedelcu

Papa Roach pregatesc un nou album

Bateristul trupei, Tony Palermo, a declarat intr-un interviu acordat pentru postul de radio Ned of the Waterloo ca trupa a intrat in studioul din California pentru a incepe inregistrarile la viitorul material discografic.

Noul material va contine 15 melodii si va fi lansat la mijlocul anului 2021.

"A couple of weeks ago, I just finished 15 or so new drum tracks for all the new songs. We've been kind of posting stuff about it, so it's not a secret. Obviously, being quarantined, we're trying to get creative, and what can we do with this time? And it's, like, well, no better time than to write a record.

I say this with every record, 'cause it's always exciting to write and record music, but this one's fire, man. It just has some deep cuts on it. And oh, man, it feels so good to play drums too. I had a great session. Jacoby's rapping some more. It seems like his raps on this — he's… I don't wanna say angrier, but he's got more intensity behind his raps. He has a lot to be concerned about now, and expressing your mind through music is one thing that he loves to do. Lyricists are always looking for that inspiration, and there's been an overabundance of that this year.", a declarat Tony Palermo.

'Who Do You Trust?' este cel mai recent material discografic al trupei, acesta fiind lansat in 2019. Discul a fost produs de Nick "RAS" Furlong si Colin Cunningham

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