Paradise Lost Chords & Tabs

Paradise Lost este o trupa ce a luat nastere in 1987, in Anglia. Alaturi de Anathema si My Dying Bride, ei sunt recunoscuti drept una din primele trupe de death/doom metal. Formatia a avut un succes enorm in Europa, in special in Grecia si Germania. In decursul carierei, Paradise Lost s-a confruntat cu diverse reactii negative din partea fanilor, datorita unor schimbari in stilul muzical. De exemplu, pe primele 3 albume exista o linie muzicala ce respecta stilul death/doom. Dupa lansarea lui Icon (1993), Nick Holmes (voce) a trecut catre......Biografie Paradise Lost

Mouth Chords

Yearn For Change Tab

Widow Tab

True Belief Tab

This Cold Life Tab

The Sufferer Tab

The Last Time Tab

Soul Corageous Tab

Silent Tab

Shattered Tab

Shadowkings Tab

Shadow Kings Bass Tab

Shades Of God Tab

Say Just Words Tab

Rotting Misery Tab

Requiem Tab

Remembrance Tab

Rapture Tab

Pity The Sadness Tab

Paradise Lost Tab

Painless Tab

Our Saviour Tab

One Second Tab

Oncemn Solo (ver2) Tab

Oncemn Solo Tab

Once Solemn Tab

No Forgiveness Tab

No Forgiveness Intro Tab

Mystify Tab

Mouth Bass Tab

Mouth Tab

Mercy Tab

Master Of Misrule Tab

Lydia Tab

Lost Paradise Tab

Joys Of The Emptiness Tab

Isolate Bass Tab

Isolate Tab

I See Your Face Tab

I Despair Tab

Hallowed Land Tab

Gothic Tab

Frozen Ilusion Tab

Fader Tab

Eternal Tab

Enemy Tab

Enchantment Tab

Embraced Tab

Embers Fire Tab

Elusive Cure Tab

Dying Freedom Tab

Deadly Inner Sense Tab

Dead Emotions Tab

Daylight Torn Tab

Christendom Tab

Breeding Fear Tab

Blood Of Another Tab

As I Die Tab

Another Day Tab

Albino Flogged In Black Tab

The Rise Of Denial Tab

Forever Failure ver2 Tab

Small Town Boy Tab

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