Versuri Paradise Lost - Our Saviour

Album: Paradise Lost - Lost Paradise

Kneel on the ground and pray to the Lord
But will he hear your prayers
Will he hear your call?
As you sit in the Church
And the madman speaks...
Listen with awe at the lies he'll preach

Only the mindless will listen and obey
World-wide Wars are caused by this uproar

Pray to rest your Conscience - For the sins you have done
Where is your God now as you're dying alone?
Brutal wounds cut deep
No miracles to heal
Watch your life now fade
He's not there to help you die

Raised upon repulsive lies
From the time we were born
Driven into heads holy laws
Cast into a circle of preaching vomit
All decent holy people
Their conscience free
Massive neurosis and impending doom
And the holy power will be silent

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