Versuri Paragon - Allied Forces

Album: Paragon - Law Of The Blade

Down below in the darkness
Behind secret doors
Theres a light to guide us
In our blackest hours
Long forgotten but still alive
Sworn together on a rotten ground
From everywhere the fighters arrive
On to the battle were bound

The fierce and the wild
Legions of the light
Standing side by side
Into the final fight

No more sorrows - No more pain
Were breaking the chains
Break the spell Arise tonight
Were the forces of light
Feel the power Feel the force
We show no remorse
To free the world Well ride tonight
In for the kill - The forces of light

Spreading the message
All across the land
We shall end the dark age
The futures in our hands
Determination in our eyes
The tables have turned
Finally our powers have grown
To arise from the underworld

Strong of heart and mind
Were gonna end oppression
The darkness will be forced
Into submission

We shall defy
End the dark reign
Our time has come

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