Versuri Paragon - Empires Fall

Album: Paragon - Law Of The Blade

Under the cover of darkness
At midnight we plan to attack
The tyrants fortress will have to fall
Determined to win theres no turning back
Hearts beating faster, eyes burn with hate
The battles about to begin
Take down the guard charge in the court
And search for the tyrant within

Running and killing and swinging the mace
The enemies heads gonna roll
Raging berserkers we plough through the flesh
Burning for vengeance and war

The end of a reign
An aeon of pain
For justice and freedom we call
Storming the gates
This unholy place
The palace of sin has to fall
Empires fall

Breaking through their defences
The enemies caught by surprise
Burning their quarters down to the ground
Fires and lighting the skies
Under the tower below in the dark
The master of evil resides
The sword in my hand Im thrusting ahead
He will not escape Ill take his life

Screaming anger
Feel my hate
Your Name has been written
On this bloody blade

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