Versuri Paragon - Law Of The Blade

Album: Paragon - Law Of The Blade

Running across the hot plain
Reaching the mountains of black
Hearing the cries of pain
In fear of a coming attack
Weapons that we take are from the dead
As they rot in the dawn
A battle behind and a battle ahead
The calm before the storm

Ambush attack
Legions of black
Suddenly theyre everywhere
Raising the swords
And wielding the axe
Show them the meaning of fear

Kill or be killed
The law of the blade
Rule and obey
The law of the blade

Assassins appearing from nowhere
Angry and wild they arise
A strike of the sword is our answer
The Hells breed has to demise
Deadly is the silence after the war
The fate is catching its breath
Slaughtered souls reaching the shore
The reaper is bringing on death

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