Versuri Paragon - Palace Of Sin

Album: Paragon - Law Of The Blade

Brought to the dungeons shackled and chained
Awaiting my destinys call
Left with no choice but to live by the sword
The way of the warrior my law

Slave to the emperor champion for the crown
The blood on my blade is my pride
Slashing and slicing my foes hit the ground
Relentless Im ruling the fight

Trapped in a life of violence and pain
In the palace of sin
Theres no escape forever remain
In the palace of sin

These halls of decay is what Im calling home
The fires of Hades I feed
Lust and debauchery the wages of war
The slaves of the flesh serve my every need

Fall to your knees and pray to the gods
No one can save you from my wrath
Adrenaline pounding through my veins
As I tear out your heart

I have to get out break free from these chains
Winds of freedom are calling my name
Uprising from slavery we charge through the gates
Onward we ride war is our fate

Palace of sin
Palace of sin

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