Versuri Paragon - The Legacy

Album: Paragon - The Dark Legacy

Iron gated ancient ground
Bathed in silver moonlight
A fearless heart begins to pound
Blood ties reunite

Turn the key Feel the fear
Unchain my unknown past
Screams and sighs all I hear
Terror's here to last

Beware and take heed
The demon's unleashed
The evil's about to break free
You broke the seal
You broke the chains
Buried below for eternity
Your legacy

A labyrinth of countless rooms
I'm the demon's prey
My mind's entombed in halls of doom
Colours turn to grey

Whispering walls be aware
Lurking through the haze
Mark the doors count the stairs
On through a living maze

Creatures hiding in the shadows
Silence's breaking by a scream
Darkness in the rooms of terror
Locked up in this evil dream

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