Versuri Parkway Drive - Feed Them To The Pigs

Album: Parkway Drive - Horizons

This is life,
This is life as,
As a consequence.
This apathy is murderous.

Hope is dead,
Buried by regret,
I love for nothing,
And die here for even less.

This is the path weave chosen,
Our mind and our future left to rot.

These lives are worth nothing,
Our lives worth nothing,

As we watch our dreams turn into dust,
Into dust.

On these cold sheets,
Beneath this hollow corpse of a life.
They walk in shadows,
And theyare feeding us our lives.

We are the walking dead,
Hearts and mimickers of unanswered dreams
We are afflicted in the blood of a lost generation

Theyare deceased and forgotten,
The voiceless and consumed.
Weare buried and broken,
And weare rising again.

So this is life,
And words are worthless.
Weave clawed our way back,
You canat destroy this,
'cause weave got nothing left to lose.
These hate-filled hearts keep burning,
We push against the grain,
And we wonat turn back.

Onto the teeth,
Born from the shadows,
Burning for revenge.


Weare burning for revenge.