Versuri Parkway Drive - Guns For Show, Knives For A Pro

Album: Parkway Drive - Killing With A Smile

I saw the disappointment from across your face.
A mark of solitude.
So hereas to giving in.
Your eyes have betrayed you.
And ill wear this mask of disgust for every day Iave met you.
Disarm with a smile.
Your eyes Betrayed me.
String me another line as your knife severs my spine.
The blackness of your heart has spread beneath your skin.
And as your new face runs I count the seconds till your gone.
As your new face runs I count the seconds until youare f*****g gone.
Hold this allegiance with the hearts of apathy.
We cannot breathe from your choking hands.
Mark this hour of hopelessness with burning bodies.
Returning for your heart.
Returning for your f*****g heart.
Murder is on the air tonight.

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