Versuri Parry Gripp - Free Popsicles

Album: Parry Gripp - One Donut A Day!

[Musical interlude]

- "You guys hear what I hear?"
- "It's the ice cream man!"
- "Get some change, hurry, hurry, hurry. We gotta go get some change"
- "Okay, okay, we'll be right back."
- "Don't you go anywhere."
- "Bye!"
- "Bye!"

[Musical interlude]

- "Hey, where is everybody? Guys? Hello? I wish they were all back.
Hey, guys! You're not back there. I wonder if they went upstairs.
Hey guys? You're not up there either. Where is everybody? They better
not have gone off for ice cream without me again! That would be
horrible. I would be devastated! Guys! Come on! [cries] Come on, guys,
where are ya? Olly-olly-oxen-free. Come on! Come on! [cries]"

[Musical interlude]

- "[chuckling] Aw, man, what did you guys get?"
- "I got the pop-up, man, I love the pop-up."
- "[chuckles] What'd you get, Piddles?"
- "I got the ice cream sandwich. How 'bout you?"
- "I got a fudge-sickle. I love the fudge-sickle."
- "So yummy!"
- "Got to have the fudge-sickle. [chuckles]"

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